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Ombrelle Sport Lotion SPF 45

Ombrelle lotion spf 45 6616

Marketed as Ombrelle Lotion SPF 45 in Canada

Manufactured by: Cosmair

This product is offered for sale by Canada Drugs LP of Canada

From $0.15 USD/ml

CAN NOT BE SPLIT Must be taken in existing form.

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Discount Ombrelle and Anthelios

Sun Protection from Canada Drugs

Canada Drugs wants you to enjoy the sun, safely! Two of the leading brands recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists are Ombrelle and Anthelios

Ombrelle products include the sun filter Mexoryl SX and/or Mexoryl XL plus other effective sun protection agents. Its efficacy makes it a highly recommended sun protection brand. Anthelios is a leader in high UVA protection technologies, which makes it trusted and recognized by dermatologists worldwide for its advanced formulations in UVA & UVB protection. Both products will protect you and your family from the risks of sun exposure and let you enjoy the summer sun, without the risk of burns.

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Sprays, Creams, Sticks and Balms

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