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Wellbutrin XL and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Wellbutrin XL 150mg and/or Equivalents Bupropion XL, Mylan-Bupropion XL, Wellbutrin XL
Wellbutrin XL 300mg and/or Equivalents Bupropion XL, Mylan-Bupropion XL, Wellbutrin XL

Wellbutrin XL (bupropion XL)

Wellbutrin XL Description

Wellbutrin XL is the trade name of bupropion XL, an antidepressant drug that is commonly prescribed in the United State. There are three categories of bupropion available in the market and Wellbutrin XL is categorized as an ‘extended release’ version of the drug.

Conditions Treated by Wellbutrin XL

Wellbutrin XL is usually used for the treatment of clinical depression and anxiety. Though there are currently many different drugs available for the treatment of depression, this drug is sometimes preferred because it does not cause sexual dysfunction or the gain of weight. Other drugs used to treat depression are often associated with such symptoms and this makes them unfavorable. Sometimes doctors prescribe Wellbutrin XL along with other antidepressant drugs; this happens when a patient does not respond to treatment with just one antidepressant drug. This method has been found to be very effective in the management of clinical depression in many patients.

Wellbutrin XL Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

You must remember to follow the exact prescription given to you by your doctor. The dosage and time period that are prescribed are usually specially designed for your medical history and condition so you must adhere to them. Never attempt to change your dose or alter the timings as this may affect the working of the medicine.

While you can consume the drug before or after eating food you must remember to take good care of the tablet before you take it. You should avoid biting, chewing or breaking the tablet as this may cause too much of the medicine to be released and this could lead to the aggravation of the side effects associated with the drug.

b.) Missing a Dose

While it is certainly not recommended that you miss doses frequently you can take a tablet later than the prescribed time if it is not already time for your next dose. If however it is already time to consume the next tablet then you should only take one and forget about the one you missed. Taking two tablets at the same time would lead to an excess of medicine in your body at the same time and this could lead to terrible side effects.

c.) Overdosing

You should be very careful to avoid overdosing on Wellbutrin XL. If you think you may have consumed too many tablets you should immediately contact the nearest hospital for medical assistance. The typical symptoms associated with an overdose of Wellbutrin XL are hallucinations, a rapid heartbeat, seizures and breathing problems. If you notice any of these symptoms then you should get medical help as soon as possible.

Wellbutrin XL Warnings

Before you can safely consume Wellbutrin XL you must inform your doctor if you have used drugs like Marplan, Nardil, Parnate, Emsam, Furoxone or Azilect in the two weeks prior to your appointment. These medicines may interact with Wellbutrin XL and cause some serious medical problems.

You should avoid taking this drug if you suffer from seizures or an eating disorder. Moreover, if you are already using another form of bupropion then you cannot take Wellbutrin XL as well.

Research shows that Wellbutrin XL has a tendency of encouraging suicidal thoughts, especially in patients who are less than twenty four years old. Make sure that you attend all scheduled doctor’s appointments so that your wellbeing can be monitored by your doctor. If you feel irritable, moody, depressed or aggressive then you must inform your doctor so that he can make sure the drug is working out for you.

You must also give up drinking alcohol as it has been proven to increase the onset of seizures. However, if you are used to drinking a lot of alcohol you mustn’t suddenly stop while taking the drug as this can increase your chances of suffering from seizures. Talk to your doctor to figure out the best way to slowly ease yourself into avoiding alcohol for the course of your prescription.

Wellbutrin XL Side Effects

The common side effects associated with the use of Wellbutrin XL are:

If however you notice serious side effects such as seizures, fever, hallucinations or the blistering and peeling of your skin then you must get medical assistance immediately.

Possible Drug Interactions With Wellbutrin XL

Wellbutrin XL may interact with certain drugs that you consume. You must give your doctor detailed information about all the drugs you take so that he can determine whether this drug can be safely used by you. You should especially tell your doctor about other antidepressant medicines that you use as well as medicines that are used to prevent blood clots. Moreover, if you take cancer medication or medicines to treat heart problems or to manage your blood pressure then you must inform your doctor.

  • Psychiatric Disorder Medication:
  • Bladder or Urinary Medication:
  • Antibiotics:
  • ADHD Medication:
    • Adderall
    • Ritalin
  • Oral Diabetic Medication:
  • Anti-Malaria Medication:
  • Organ Transplant Rejection Prevention Medication:
  • Narcotic Medication:
    • hydrocodone (Lortab, Vicodin)
    • meperidine (Demerol)
    • methadone (Methadose)
    • oxycodone (OxyContin)
    • propoxyphene (Darvon, Darvocet)
  • Sedative Medication:
  • Steroid Medication:
  • theophylline (Uniphyl, Uniphyllin Continus, Theo ER)
  • This is not a complete list of all medications that may interact with Wellbutrin XL. Please notify all of your health care providers about the prescription and over-the-counter medications you currently take. This should include a complete list of all vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and drugs prescribed by other doctors. Do not start a treatment of a new medicine without properly notifying your primary health care professional or doctor.

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    Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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