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Tazorac Gel and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Tazorac Gel 0.05% and/or Equivalents Tazorac Gel, Zorac Gel
Tazorac Gel 0.1% and/or Equivalents Tazorac Gel, Zorac Gel

Tazorac Gel

Tazorac Gel Drug Description

Tazorac Gel is the brand name of a medicine that belongs to the group of medicines known as retinoids. It is a topically applied dermatological formulation used extensively for the treatment of facial acne and psoriasis. Tazorac Gel is chemically related to Vitamin A and is a receptor-selective retinoid. Tazorac Gel is an aqueous translucent gel and contains tazarotene as the principal ingredient. It also contains benzyl alcohol as a preservative along with butylated hydroxyanisole, ascorbic acid, butylated hydroxytoluene, edetate disodium, carbomer 934P, polyethylene glycol 400, poloxamer 407, polysorbate 40, hexylene glycol, tromethamine and sterile water as the inactive ingredients. Tazorac Gel is available in two strengths of 0.05% and 0.1%. Both strengths are presented in collapsible tamper-proof aluminium tubes with a propylene white coloured screw cap in 30gm and 100gm sizes. The gel should be used in specific conditions only on being recommended by your physician. Tazorac Gel, along with Tazorac Cream is presented by Allergan Inc.

Conditions Treated by Tazorac Gel

Both Tazorac Gel 0.05% and 0.1% are prescribed for the topical treatment of patients suffering from stable plaque psoriasis where more than twenty percent of the body’s skin surface area is affected. The gel works by reducing the inflammation on your skin and limits the abnormal growth rate of skin cells. Tazorac Gel 0.1% is also prescribed for topical administration in patients suffering from mild to moderately acute facial acne (acne vulgaris). Treating acne effectively is a long process and you can expect to see a positive result within four weeks of starting treatment.

Tazorac Gel Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendation

Typical dosage varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors like individual medical condition, response, tolerance level, age etc. Your physician is the best person to decide on the most suitable dosage taking into consideration all factors and your requirement. For psoriasis treatment is initiated with the application of Tazorac Gel 0.05%. Your physician may increase the dosage strength to 0.1% depending on your tolerance level and response. Apply the gel once a day in the evening on the psoriatic lesions. Take enough gel (approximately 2mg/cm2) to cover only the lesions with a thin layer. If you are taking a shower prior to application, dry yourself properly. If using an emollient, apply it at least one hour before applying Tazorac Gel. For facial acne, the usual dosage strength is Tazorac Gel 0.1%, to be applied once a day during the evening on the affected area. Use enough gel to cover the acne lesions. Begin by washing your face with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Pat dry and apply a moisturizer. Rub in well so that there is no excess moisturizer on your skin. Apply Tazorac Gel 0.1% avoiding eyelids, eyes and mouth area.

b.) Missing a dose

In case you have missed applying Tazorac Gel, skip the missed dose and continue with your normal application schedule. Do not apply excessive gel as it can lead to overdose symptoms.

c.) Overdosing

If you have overdosed Tazorac Gel 0.1%, contact your physician for symptomatic treatment of rashes and redness on the skin, peeling of skin or any other discomfort.

Tazorac Gel Warnings

Although Tazorac Gel is a relatively safe medication, your physician will recommend it for use only after assessing your individual requirements and its risks and benefits for you. Discuss with him/her thoroughly the implications of using Tazorac Gel and disclose any medical condition you may be suffering from presently. You should also disclose your past medical history, any type of medication you are taking or if you have eczema before commencing your treatment with Tazorac Gel. Tazarotene, the prime ingredient in Tazorac Gel is a retinoid. Retinoids have been shown to cause injury to a foetus in some cases. Therefore, if you are pregnant or planning to become so, always talk to your physician before using Tazorac Gel. You may have to use birth control measures as advised by him/her while using this medication. You must test for pregnancy at least a fortnight before commencing your treatment or commence treatment during your menstrual cycle. Your physician must know if you are allergic to any of the active or inactive ingredients in Tazorac Gel. He/she must also know if you are allergic to any medications which increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight e.g. thiazides, tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, sulphonamides or any other topical formulations. Inform your physician immediately if you experience unusual irritation on the affected areas of your skin after applying Tazorac Gel. Avoid exposure to sunlight or sunlamps. Always use a sunscreen (minimum of 15 SPF) while going out during the day. Do not apply Tazorac Gel on areas that are affected by sunburn. Tazorac Gel is meant for topical administration only. While applying, avoid contact with eyes, eyelids or mouth and rinse off thoroughly with water in case there is contact accidentally. Seek immediate medical treatment in case you have accidentally swallowed the gel. Never apply Tazorac Gel on broken or wounded skin surface. Apply only after the skin surface has healed completely. Use Tazorac Gel exactly as advised by your physician and never discontinue use or change dosage schedule without medical consultation. Never cover the affected areas with bandages or dressings after applying Tazorac Gel. Never share Tazorac Gel with another person even if the symptoms are similar. Always store in a cool place and away from children and pets.

Tazorac Side Effects

Although no serious adverse effects have been reported, it is advisable to seek medical advice in case you experience minor side effects like skin irritation, burning, peeling, itching, redness or swelling etc. You may also experience a tingling or stinging sensation on the skin surface where Tazorac Gel has been applied. Other side effects include allergic reactions like difficulty in breathing, swelling in the throat/lips/mouth or hives. Extreme weather conditions like high wind, coldness or dryness may increase skin irritation while using Tazorac Gel.

Tazorac Gel Drug Interactions

The active and inactive ingredients present in Tazorac Gel may interact with other medications you are using presently. Tazorac Gel can also interact with other topical preparations such as medicated shampoos, hair depilatories, astringent, waxes, soaps or other skin products containing alcohol and make your skin excessively dry. You may have to discontinue using such preparations and wait for your skin to become refreshed before using Tazorac Gel. You should also inform your medical caregiver about all other medical and non-medical preparations you are using including vitamins, herbal formulations, dietary supplement, use of nicotine, alcohol or caffeine addiction etc.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Tazorac Gel and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information