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Starlix and/or Equivalents

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Starlix 60mg and/or Equivalents Starlix
Starlix 120mg and/or Equivalents Starlix
Starlix 180mg and/or Equivalents Starlix

Starlix (Nateglinide)

Starlix Description

Starlix is the retail or brand name for Nateglinide tablets. Nateglinide tablets (Starlix) are a common oral antidiabetic agent used to heal or control patients with Type 2 diabetes. Nateglinide originally comes in the form of a white powder that is highly soluble in ethanol, methanol and chloroform. However, it is not soluble in water. The retail version of Starlix contains 6.0 mg or 120 mg of Nateglinide. In common parlance, it is a glucose reducing drug administered orally. It is much unlike insulin yet is highly effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also known as a non-insulin type of diabetes. Patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes are prescribed Starlix to help them go about daily activities without a problem.

Conditions Treated by Starlix

Starlix is commonly prescribed to patients with a high glucose problem. The oral medicine helps lower glucose levels in the body. It basically increases the amount of insulin produced by the body, thereby enabling the body to digest or absorb more glucose. When blood sugar levels are too high or too low the body gets severely affected. High blood sugar can lead to heart problems while low blood sugar can lead to brain damage in the long run. Starlix helps maintain the right glucose levels in the body. Sometimes, depending on the nature and extent of a person’s illness, Starlix is prescribed along with other medications to control glucose levels. Although, originally the drug was used to control glucose in people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, it is also administered on case to case basis temporarily if patients suffer from blood sugar problems due to other illnesses.

Starlix Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

Follow the instructions of your medical practitioner or doctor. Starlix is a blood sugar lowering drug. Depending on your current sugar levels, your doctor would prescribe the medicine either once or twice a day. It helps to have the medicine at the same time everyday for better effect.Ideally, any sugar controlling medicine should be taken before a meal. However, depending on your health and case history, the doctor should give you the final instruction. Furthermore, depending on the type of food you are having (whether liquid or solid) and your present health condition, your doctor would prescribe varying dosages of the medicine. For severely ill patients who are on a liquid diet, it is common to prescribe higher dosages. As a word of advice, it helps to regularly monitor your blood sugar levels while you take the medicine. Keep tabs on it so that your doctor can change the dosage measure when required on time.

b.) Missing a dose

When you miss a dose, ask your doctor if it’s alright to take an extra dose the next day. Also ask whether it’s okay to have 2 tablets together. The doctor may just ask you to check your blood sugar level before telling you what to do. But be sure to ask your doctor what to do when you miss a dose. Sometimes, an extra pill might affect your health severely.

c.) Overdosing

If you experience sudden dizziness or if you break into a cold sweat, it could mean that you have overdosed. Furthermore, other symptoms like extreme hunger and blurry vision can also signify an overdose. It is difficult to theoretically overdose on a blood sugar medicine, but if you have taken a higher dose than what is prescribed or if you have taken the medication with alcohol or other medication then it may cause adverse effects. When you feel you have overdosed, contact your doctor or nearest medical centre immediately. If you have overdosed just a few hours ago, medical attendants may only need to insert a tube into your stomach to pump it out. Supportive treatment may also be required.

Starlix Warnings

Starlix is a drug used to control blood sugar. However, without proper medical supervision, it may create more problems in the body. Before you start taking the medicine regularly it helps to discuss a few points with your doctor. For instance, you must tell your doctor if you are:

These points will help your doctor determine if it’s completely safe for you to have the drug. Usually, Starlix may not be administered to patients who are pregnant or trying to have a baby. Furthermore, depending on what other medication a patient is on, Starlix may or may not be administered. Furthermore, since Starlix controls blood sugar levels, regular use may result in a patient suffering from low blood sugar levels over a period of time. This “hypoglycaemia” can also prove to be fatal if not taken care of immediately. This is why blood sugar patients are told to monitor their sugar levels daily. This is also the reason why any blood sugar medicine should be taken before meals. Symptoms of low blood sugar include irritability, trembling, blurry vision, cold sweats. When you are on the Starflix medication and you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Sometimes Starflix alone cannot be administered to patients suffering from blood sugar problems. Fever, injections, injury or surgery might increase a patient’s blood sugar level temporarily. That may require the use of insulin to control it.

Starlix Side Effects

Every patient’s body is different and every patient reacts differently to different drugs. While most people do not seem to suffer from any side effect after using Starlix, there is still a possibility of side effects in others. Usually though, the side effects are not severe in any way and can be controlled with other medication. Some common side effects of Starlix are:

Starlix Drug Interactions

Starlix may interact with other medications causing problems in a patient. This is why it is important for patients to tell their doctor if they are on any other kind of medication before starting a course of Starlix. Starlix drug interactions with medications like beta blockers, certain decongestants, thyroid medication and vitamin supplements may cause the body to react dangerously. It may lead to hospitalization and in severe cases even death.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Starlix and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information