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Sinemet and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Sinemet 50 mg/12.5 mg and/or Equivalents Sinemet
Sinemet 100mg/10mg and/or Equivalents Co-Careldopa, Levodopa/Carbidopa, Novo-Levocarbidopa, Sinemet
Sinemet 100mg/25mg and/or Equivalents Co-Careldopa, Co-Careldopa tablets, Levodopa/Carbidopa, Novo-Levocarbidopa, Sinemet, Sinemet Plus
Sinemet 250mg/25mg and/or Equivalents Co-Careldopa, Levodopa/Carbidopa, Novo-Levodopa/Carbidopa, Sinemet


Sinemet Drug Description

Sinemet is the brand name for the generic drug carbidopa/levodopa which happens to be an antidyskinetic combination. This medication helps in minimising the trembling and tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease as well as other Parkinson’s symptoms.

Conditions Treated by Sinemet

Sinemet is prescribed for treating Parkinson’s disease symptoms as well as symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease that other medical conditions may cause.

Sinemet Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Sinemet does not have any standard one-dosage-fits-all dosing recommendation. Dosage can vary between 100 mg and 25 mg each day and has to be taken thrice daily. Your dosage may be increased to 8 Sinemet tablets each day – 2 tablets to be taken 4 times daily. Of this 25-100 mg, levodopa constitutes 100 mg while carbidopa constitutes 25 mg. Usually 100 to 70 mg of carbidopa is necessary daily for patients to prevent severe vomiting and nausea.

b.) Missing a Dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you can, but do not consume double doses at the same time to compensate for any missed dose as overdosing can result in uneven heart beat.

c.) Overdosing

If you suspect an overdose, rush the patient to the nearest ER or contact your provincial poison control centre.

Sinemet Warnings

While taking Sinemet you may experience unpredictable, sudden alterations in movement. At times you may totally freeze and will not be able to move your body parts. At other times you may display movement changes that are different from typical movements associated with Parkinson’s disease. This might occur a number of times in a day. To prevent the wearing off effects of Sinemet, your physician may choose to increase the dosage of Sinemet that may result in involuntary muscle movements or Dyskinesia. When the effects of Sinemet start to wear off, you will notice a worsening of your symptoms and many of the symptoms will be intolerable, though far from dangerous. The symptoms usually reach their worst point just before your next dose of Sinemet. Contact your physician if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant or breastfeeding and avoid this medication if you are allergic to its ingredients.

Sinemet Side Effects

Sinemet has a few side effects that may take a while to manifest, but which can become significant over time. The following side effects of Sinemet are not very serious:

The following side effects are extremely serious and merit immediate medical intervention:

If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms of allergic reactions call your physician immediately:

Your saliva, sweat and your urine may take on a dark tint and appear black, brown or red in colour. Do not be alarmed as this side effect isn’t harmful in any way. But this dark tint of sweat may stain your bed sheet and clothes. This is not a complete list of all side effects that may take place. You may experience other symptoms not mentioned in this list. If you feel ill or not okay or have a sense that something is wrong after taking Sinemet, feel free to contact your physician and seek emergency help if necessary.

Sinemet Drug Interactions

Sinemet interacts with a total of 2809 generic and brand name drugs. Following are a few common drug interactions:

This is not a complete list of all drug interactions that may take place. You must present your doctor or pharmacist with a full list of all prescription and non prescription OTC drugs, medications, vitamins, minerals, herbal products and health supplements that you use. Iron containing multivitamin or multimineral supplements may decrease the efficacy of Sinemet. So patients are advised to leave sufficient periods of gap between the intakes of these two types of medication. If you take one medicine in the morning, the other one should be taken at night to ensure maximum efficacy of both medications. You are also advised to abstain from alcohol drinking while taking Sinemet.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.