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Sibelium and/or Equivalents

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Sibelium 5mg and/or Equivalents Flunarizine

Sibelium (Flunarizine)

Sibelium Description

Sibelium is the international brand name for Flunarizine. It is a calcium antagonist. It works by reducing calcium overload in the body. In simple terms it acts as a calcium channel blocker and blocks excess calcium build-up. The drug is commonly prescribed to patients suffering from extreme cases of vertigo, migraines or epilepsy. Each tablet contains Flunarizine and lactose. It comes in the shape of a white oblong tablet. It is available worldwide and is known for its quick action against severe migraine attacks.

Conditions Treated by Sibelium

The drug is known to be used in the treatment of 2-3 severe diseases like constant migraines. Although, the drug has no influence on how long migraine attacks last. Vertigo and epilepsy are two other common illnesses often treated with Sibelium. Doctors may prescribe lower doses of the medicine for other illnesses too although these are the most common ones treated by Sibelium.

Sibelium Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

Adults are normally prescribed 10 mg a day at bedtime. However, patients over 65 years of age are prescribed a lower dose of 5 mg a day. During treatment, a patient must have regular check-ups. If the patient is responding positively to the treatment there should be no change in dose however if the patient is not responding well, a higher dose may be required. The drug can be taken with or without food depending on a patient’s preference. If over a significant period of time a patient’s condition seems to improve, then a lower dose can be recommended. The drug is not safe for children and is not recommended for them under any circumstance. Although the dosage above is mainly for patients suffering from chronic migraine, the dose differs slightly for patients being treated for Vertigo and Epilepsy. For Vertigo, the dose would more or less be the same – the difference would be in the duration of time it is prescribed for. For this illness it is usually prescribed for less than 2 months. If a patient does not respond to the medication during these 2 months the medication should be stopped. For Epileptic patients a milder dose is usually prescribed on a regular basis. Patients have to be constantly monitored for any physical trauma of stress suffered due to the medication or epileptic behaviour.

b.) Missing a dose

If you miss a dose on any particular day, it is best to contact your doctor. It is not advisable to replace the missed dose with an extra tablet unless specified by the doctor. Furthermore, when you miss a dose, count the number of hours you have missed it by so that you can accordingly tell the doctor how long the delay is. In severe or extreme cases, patients may need to be observed for a few days before restarting the medication regularly. This is usually done to see if the body has reacted unfavourably to the missed dose.

c.) Overdosing

It is common for patients to forget that they have already taken their daily dose. If you take an extra dose by mistake then you must contact your doctor as soon as you realize the mistake. Common symptoms of drug overdose could include severe stomach pain, uneasiness and nausea, vomiting, headache or difficulty in breathing. If you have had much more than the daily prescribed limit you may even require hospitalization. Be sure to call your doctor immediately if you experience one or more of the symptoms.

Sibelium Warnings

The medicine should be used cautiously among people above the age of 65 years. This is because elderly patients with minor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease may experience a sudden rise of the symptoms. Sibelium does not stop an existing migraine attack. The medication therefore needs to be taken regularly to help prevent the onset of one. The drug may give rise to depression or mood changes. This is why it is important to monitor patients regularly during medication. As soon as side effects occur, even if in mild forms, it is best to discontinue medication. People who have suffered from bouts of depression in the past should avoid this medicine. Patients may sometimes experience severe fatigue during treatment. If the symptom persists, it is better to stop the medication for a while. Patients who suffer from lactose intolerance should not have this medicine. It will be highly risky for them because the medicine contains a certain amount of lactose. It is safer for women to avoid use of the drug during and immediately after pregnancy. Furthermore, if you are trying to get pregnant then check with your doctor if it is safe to have the drug.

Sibelium Side Effects

Sibelium may cause further depression and mood changes in patients who already have a history of depression. It is best for patients who are on anti-depressants to avoid the medicine completely. The drug may result in extreme dizziness however if it is mild then there is nothing to worry about. Extreme fatigue is a common side effect of Sibelium. However, if the symptom persists it is advisable to discontinue medication. Patients may experience rapid weight gain when on medication. However, if the medicine has been prescribed for a short period of time it is safer to finish the course. Heartburn and dehydration are also common effects of Sibelium medication. Drink plenty of water when on medication. Skin rashes and headaches may occur at the start of medication. It is necessary to observe patients and their physical reactions to check if the body is adjusting well to the medication.

Sibelium Drug Interactions

Like all drugs, Sibelium is known to interact with other drugs. When taken with anti-hypertensive drugs, the dose recommendations may vary. Sedation and eventual coma may result if the drug is taken with hypnotics or tranquillisers. Since the drug is used to treat severe physical illnesses, it is always advisable to check with the doctor before continuing with other medication while on Sibelium. Certain vitamin supplements and health medicines may affect the medication.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.