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Serc and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Serc 8mg and/or Equivalents Betahistine, Serc, Teva-Betahistine
Serc 16mg and/or Equivalents Betahistine, Novo-Betahistine, PMS-Betahistine, Serc
Serc 24mg and/or Equivalents Act-Betahistine, Betahistine, Serc

Serc (betahistine)

Serc Description

Serc is a medicine that is given for treating vertigo. Patients with vertigo experience a dizzying, rotation movement of themselves or the things around them. Serc contains the active ingredient Betahistine hydrochloride. It is also sold with other trade names such as Betaserc. The drug was initially registered specifically for treating Ménière's disease. In this disease, the patient experiences a ringing sound in the ears in addition to a balance related problems.

Conditions Treated by Serc

Serc is used to treat vertigo and the overall symptoms of Ménière's disease. This is a prescription only drug therefore it is not available over the counter without a prescription. The symptoms of this condition can vary between patients; furthermore the severity of the condition could be quite variable. For some people it might be a mild and occasional irritant while for someone else it might be a lifelong and debilitating illness that affects their daily lives significantly. In addition to a sensation of dizziness there might even be earache, headache, a ringing sound in the ears or inability to hear. Serc helps in particular to reduce the occurrence of vertigo as it can be quite disabling to the patient.

Serc Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Serc is a prescription medicine meant for oral consumption. Each pill comprises about 16mg of Betahistine hydrochloride. The standard dose for Serc is about 8 to 16mg everyday. The medicine needs to be taken at least thrice a day and it is advisable to take it with meals. The maintenance dose is about 48mg daily, as per standard medical advice.

b.) Missing A Dose

All prescription drugs, including Serc are to be taken in the prescribed dose only. The dosage is carefully derived after a careful medical history of the patient in addition to any investigations and tests if necessary. This is also why experts advise that no two patients should share their medicines even if they are being prescribed the same drug. Serc needs to be usually taken three times a day hence it is likely that the patient might forget to take it. However it is a good idea to combine the pill with meal times or other daily activities so that the chances of forgetting are reduced.

c.) Overdosing

In case of Serc about 640mg of the drug has been studied as overdose in clinical studies. There are variable symptoms of overdose and each patient might experience them differently. Some signs include nausea, sleeplessness and stomach pain. These are however fairly mild ones. There are also more serious effects of an overdose such as cardiac problems, convulsions etc. In case of a suspected overdose, the patient should receive immediate medical help.

Serc Warnings

Serc contains Betahistine hydrochloride as an active ingredient so patients who are allergic to this medicine should not take Serc. In addition, those patients who have peptic ulcer at the time of prescribing the medicine should avoid it. Patients having phaeochromocytoma must also avoid taking Serc. Most drugs require a certain amount of time before they start showing results. Likewise Serc also must be taken as per the prescription for a sufficient time for longer-term results. Even if the patient experiences improvement in his/her condition, the medicine must not be stopped or dosage altered, otherwise the efficacy of the medicine may be reduced. Usually most medicines, apart from dietary supplements should be avoided in pregnancy. However there is insufficient evidence about the impact of Serc when taken during pregnancy. Likewise breastfeeding mothers should also take this medicine with caution. There is not enough evidence to establish any link between the absorption of this drug into the mother’s milk hence the effect on the same cannot be established yet. The medicine must be stored in a cool, place preferably where the temperature is not above 25 degrees Celsius. It is better to avoid alcohol or smoking when taking Serc as these cause drowsiness and when combined with the drug could worsen the patient’s condition or reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Serc Side Effects

Along with the impact that every drug must have in the patient’s body, there are also some undesirable effects of a drug. These are referred to as the side effects of a medicine. Not every patient will experience side effects. Whether a patient will experience side effects or not cannot be easily predicted as it is dependant on a host of factors. Therefore when the patient is put on a new prescription medicine, the doctor must inform the patient about the likely side effects, their severity and how to manage them. Patients must keep the doctor informed of any side effects they might experience, even if some of these might seem minor. The basic advice given to all patients is to stick to the dosage and schedules of taking the medicine so that the likelihood of side effects is lowered. Serc is a medicine that needs to be taken we prescribed otherwise its efficacy is hampered.

Following are some of the documented side effects of the drug:

Possible Drug Interactions With Serc

Most prescription drugs tend to interact with other drugs including herbal medicines, dietary supplements and other non-allopathic drugs. Hence at the time of prescription a detailed medical history is taken. Patients must provide information of all drugs that they are taking as part of a prescription of self-administered regime. At times, the dosage might have to altered. Likewise there might be some lifestyle changes needed so that the drugs are taken at various times to avoid interaction and a possible adverse reaction. Serc is known to have an interaction with antihistamines. These include:

Excessive intake of caffeine products could also have an impact on the absorption of most drugs, hence the patient must check this with his/her doctor.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.