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Qvar and/or Equivalents

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Qvar 40mcg and/or Equivalents Qvar, Qvar Inhaler
Qvar 80mcg and/or Equivalents QVAR, Qvar


Qvar Description

Qvar is a well known inhaler used by patients suffering from chronic asthma. This long term control inhaler is meant for daily use. Qvar is a small particle ICS (inhaled corticosteroid) inhaler. This basically means that the drug can reach airways in the lung easily. This helps treat the inflammation in the lungs quickly causing relief to asthmatic pati ents. One of the common causes of chronic asthma is constant inflammation of the lungs. Qvar is used as a support medicine since it is an inhaler. Patients who suffer from asthma should continue their regular medication and use Qvar when required or right before an asthma attack. The continued use of ICS – inhaled corticosteroids can help you find long term relief from asthma. With the continued use of Qvar, the frequency of asthma attacks reduce and future symptoms will be less serious and severe. This can eventually result in reduced doses of medication or no requirement for medication at all.

Conditions Treated by Qvar

Qvar is a special type of ICS inhaler used to treat and prevent asthma. Patients who suffer from chronic asthma are advised to use the inhaler daily. The inhaler is specially made to deliver the medicine directly into the lungs. This helps treat a patient facing risk of an asthma attack faster. The small particle ICS helps to control the inflammation of the lungs too. The key to controlling asthma is controlling lung inflammation. Sometimes people who do not suffer from asthma may be prescribed Qvar to heal extreme inflammation of the lung. Lung inflammation may lead to other diseases of the airway. Besides Qvar there are other medications too that can treat lung inflammations. It is safe to say that Qvar can be used to treat and prevent heart, lung and blood diseases although it is commonly used for asthma and lung ailments. The Qvar inhaler can help control your asthma attacks. When your asthma is controlled, over time you will have fewer attacks and eventually reach a point when you may not need medication daily or at all.

Qvar Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

Qvar is meant for oral inhalation and use only. Doctors usually advice patients to use the inhaler twice a day or whenever they suspect the onset of an asthma attack. Patients are advised to carry the inhaler with them all the time. The inhaler can be administered to patients 5 years of age and above. Since is a solution aerosol it requires no shaking before use. You can directly inhale the contents whenever you require it.

b.) Missing a dose

The drug is ideally meant to be used twice a day under normal circumstances when patients do not experience an attack. If you feel that you may have an asthma attack, you must use the inhaler immediately. If you miss one of the 2 daily mandatory doses, seek medical advice immediately especially if you experience any kind of discomfort. Missing a dose may cause the inflammation of the lungs to increase until you take your next dose. Since Qvar helps control inflammation in the airway missing a dose might even trigger an asthma attack. However, if a patient is not suffering from a severe case of asthma then missing a dose may not amount to a serious problem. Either way, it is always safer to consult your doctor when you miss a dose or have an overdose.

c.) Overdosing

It is common for young patients below 10 years of age to overdose on the inhaler by inhaling too much of it at one time or inhaling it more than necessary during a day. Difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting and fatigue may be some side effects of overdosing on Qvar. When you or someone in your family experiences minor symptoms it is best to contact your nearest hospital immediately. The symptoms of an overdose may get serious with time and might be fatal depending on the degree of the overdose and severity of the patient’s asthma.

Qvar Warnings

Qvar cannot act as a replacement for rescue inhalers when you experience sudden attacks. If you are prone to sudden asthma attacks, keep rescue inhalers with you at all times. Inhaled corticosteroids can result in stunted growth rates. Long term effects are not known yet, however it is advisable to avoid prescribing Qvar to patients who are too young. You cannot suddenly stop taking Qvar, you must consult your doctor before doing so. Sudden stop in treatment may cause the lungs or airways to have an adverse reaction. Once the body gets used to the ICS it will depend on it to reduce inflammation.

Qvar Side Effects

Prolonged use of Qvar could result in wheezing and coughing. Dysphonia and dysmenorrhea are also common side effects of the drug. Sometimes, younger patients may experience nausea and uncontrolled vomiting although these symptoms are found in patients who just start using the drug as well. It is therefore best for new patients’ to start with smaller doses of the drug and increase the dose slowly over a period of time. This is especially necessary for young patients below the age of 15. Hypersensitivity reactions are common in patients below 15 years of age. Urticaria, angioedema, body rashes have been reported in patients below 15 years of age too. It is common for doctors to prescribe the use of rescue inhalers to young patients because ICS inhalers are stronger. ICS inhalers are ideal for older patients or for patients suffering from severe asthma. Psychiatric changes and mood swings are also a common side effect of Qvar. Sometimes, older patients may suffer from regular bouts of depression, aggression, sleep disorders etc. If these symptoms are severe and last for too long it is better to stop use of the drug. Doctors in this case are known to replace the ICS inhaler with a regular rescue inhaler. Or, they may suggest a smaller dose of the inhaler. Headaches and pharyngitis are known side effects due to extensive use of Qvar too.

Qvar Drug Interactions

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Qvar and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information