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Ostoforte and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Ostoforte 10000IU and/or Equivalents Ergocalciferol
Ostoforte 50000IU and/or Equivalents Ergocalciferol


Ostoforte Drug Description

Ostoforte is the brand name of a medication used to treat vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is necessary for the healthy development and maintenance of strong teeth and bones both in adults and children. Vitamin D is needed in small quantities and normally it is absorbed in the body from your daily diet and natural sunlight. Your physician will prescribe Ostoforte for you in case there is deficiency of this vitamin in your body leading to loss of calcium which makes your bones and teeth extremely weak. The prime ingredient in Ostoforte is 1.25mg of ergocalciferol which is equivalent to 50 000 IU of Vitamin D2. It is free from gluten, lactose and tartrazine. FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #1, glycerin, gelatine, soybean oil and parabens as the inactive ingredient. Ostoforte is available as soft, yellow coloured gelatinous capsules in bottles containing hundred capsules each.

Conditions Treated by Ostoforte

Ostoforte is prescribed in the treatment of vitamin D resistance rickets (refractory rickets), hypoparathyroidism and familian phosphatemia. Deficiency of vitamin D in the body can cause rickets in children wherein the healthy development of teeth and bones are impaired. In adults, this deficiency causes osteomalacia which leads to an excessive loss of calcium from the bones, making them weak and brittle. Ostoforte is also prescribed as a dietary supplement in patients who require increased intake of calcium, such patients suffering from hepatic diseases, renal disorders or alcoholism. Moreover, patients who have undergone removal of stomach through surgery or who have less exposure to natural sunlight, may require Ostoforte as a supplement.

Ostoforte Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

Ideal dosage of a medicine is determined by individual condition like age, body weight, past and present medical condition, individual compliance and response etc. Your physician will determine the best dosage suitable for you after evaluating your requirements and weighing the risks and benefits of treatment. In general, typical daily intake of vitamin D must not exceed 400IU, irrespective of the source. In order to treat moderate deficiency, a daily dose of 5 000 IU is advisable. In patients suffering from refractory rickets, the recommended daily dosage is 12 000 to 500 000 IU and for those suffering from hypoparathyroidism, the daily dosage should be between 50 000 and 200 000 IU. This must be supplemented with calcium lactate 4mg, taken six times daily.

b.) Missing a dose

In case you miss a scheduled dose of Ostoforte, take the medicine whenever you remember. However, skip the missed dose in case it is time for your next scheduled dose. Never take additional capsules in order to compensate a missed dose as this can lead to life-threatening conditions.

c.) Overdosing

Since the gap between the therapeutic dose and lethal dose of ergocalciferol is quite narrow, it is important that you do not take too much of Ostoforte. Overdosing this medicine can turn fatal for you. Inform your physician immediately if you experience any of the typical symptoms of overdosing such as pain in the bones or muscle, nausea, vomiting, constipation, extreme weakness or drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, weight loss or a metallic taste in the mouth. Hypercalcemia, along with anorexia, convulsions, anaemia or acidosis can occur because of overdosing. You may also experience a decrease in sexual desire, allergic reactions like skin rashes or confusion while thinking or performing chores. Other indications of an overdose of Ostoforte include feeling of faintness, feeling unusually hot or pain in the back and upper stomach. Overdosing Ostoforte can also lead to renal impairment, irreversible renal insufficiency, polyuria, polydipsia, nocturia, reversible azotemia, hypercalcuria, hypertension, or albuminuria. There can be extensive calcification in your blood vessels, renal tubules, lung, heart or other soft tissues. In children, this can lead to increased mineral deposits in the bones thus affecting their growth and leading to dwarfism.

Ostoforte Warnings

Before starting treatment with Ostoforte, your physician must know everything about your present and past medical condition, especially if you suffer from renal or hepatic impairment or cardiac disorders. S/he will also want to know if you are allergic to the active or inactive ingredients of Ostoforte or have experienced allergic reactions to other formulations in the past. Discuss thoroughly with your physician the risks and benefits of treatment with Ostoforte, its correct dosage, expected adverse effects and other dos and don’ts. Talk to him/her in case you feel any uneasiness during the treatment but never stop taking the capsules or alter dosage without medical consultation. You will also want to discuss any interactions that Ostoforte may have with other medicines you are taking presently. Since Ostoforte contains vitamin D in a highly potent form, it is contraindicated in patients who suffer from hypervitaminosis D (reaction to high doses of vitamin D). It is also not safe for patients who suffer from hypercalcemia or malabsorption syndrome. You will need constant medical supervision to monitor your condition while undergoing treatment with Ostoforte. Your physician will want to evaluate your improvement every two weeks by performing bone X-ray and checking your levels of blood calcium, urea and phosphorus. S/he will also want to know about your daily intake of vitamin D from other dietary and supplementary sources, if any. Depending on the requirement, s/he will readjust your dose to keep it safe and effective. You must attend all such check-up sessions as excessive intake of vitamin D can cause toxicity and lead to fatal conditions. Daily intake of too much of vitamin D (more than 400 IU) is not safe for pregnant women. Therefore, prior to starting treatment with Ostoforte, you must inform your physician if you are pregnant, plan to conceive or if you are breastfeeding. S/he will then prescribe Ostoforte only if the benefits outweigh the risks. Store Ostoforte in cool and dry place where children and pets cannot access it. Do not share the medicine with another person without medical consultation.

Ostoforte Side Effects

Side effects of any medication vary from patient to patient and depend on individual compliance. Talk to your physician immediately if you experience any of the typical side effects of Ostoforte like allergic reactions (rashes, hives, swelling of mouth and throat, shortness of breath), mental confusion, excessive urination, irritability or extreme weakness.

Ostoforte Drug Interactions

The active and inactive ingredients of Ostoforte may interact with other medications you are taking. Therefore, tell your physician about any other prescription or non-prescription medications including herbal preparations, other vitamin supplements, dietary supplements etc. Also discuss about your addictions, if any, to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or street drugs.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.