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Lacrisert and/or Equivalents

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Lacrisert 5mg and/or Equivalents Lacrisert


Lacrisert Description

Lacrisert is a well known eye medication. It is a sterile, translucent tablet that is made of hydroxypropyl cellulose. The medicine is inserted into the pocket of the eye for treatment of various symptoms and eye diseases. The medicine is not known to contain other preservatives and ingredients. Hydroxypropyl cellulose is an off-white, dry, odourless, tasteless powder. It is a medicinal drug commonly used to treat patients with moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. It is soluble in water. When inserted into the eye, it dissolves completely. This helps heal people with dry eye syndrome over time because the medicine helps thicken the tear walls.

Conditions Treated by Lacrisert

Doctors usually prescribe Lacrisert to patients suffering from various eye problems; commonly dry eye syndrome or keratoconjunctivitus sicca. However, it is also effective in the treatment of keratitis, corneal sensitivity problems and erosions. It is also used to relieve mild soreness, pain, tearing and redness of the eye.

Lacrisert Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

One Lacrisert cellulose is usually administered in each eye, once daily. This is the normal dosage recommended to patients suffering from moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. Depending on the seriousness and extent of the symptoms though, doctors may advise higher doses. Patients can usually expect to see results within the first few weeks. It may take more time for patients suffering from severe eye problems. Lacrisert has to be inserted into the eye, below the tarsus (pocket of the eye). If it is not inserted properly, it may result in further complications like redness and itching. The first few times, it is advisable to have a professional medical attendant or doctor insert it for you.

b.) Missing a dose

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome then you may be advised to use one insert daily. If you forget to use an insert during the medication, check with your doctor if it’s alright to start the routine again the day after. Patients suffering from other eye problems like conjunctivitis or sicca may require 2 doses or inserts a day. In this case, forgetting an insert may lead to further redness or blurred vision. Medical attention may be required if a patient misses more than one dose in certain severe cases.

c.) Overdosing

If you are prescribed 1 insert a day and use 2 instead, it may lead to complications like extreme itching, rashes, redness etc. Similarly if you are advised 2 inserts a day and use more than the recommended dosage, it may affect your eye and vision temporarily. Your doctor will prescribe the quantity based on the seriousness of your symptoms. When it comes to using Lacrisert, always stick to the recommended doses. If you experience problems due to an overdose, it will affect your vision.

Lacrisert Warnings

Before beginning the medication, it is advisable to share details of any medical allergy you have with your doctor. Certain inactive ingredients present in Lacrisert may cause more allergies to you. If you have previously suffered from eye problems, diseases, injuries or surgeries – it is important to share the details with your doctor. The medicine used in the past should not react with Lacrisert. It may lead to problems with your vision in the future. Whenever you apply / insert the medicine, it is advisable not to perform any physical activity. Lacrisert can lead to temporary blurred vision which lasts for a couple of hours. If your blurred vision persists, then it is advisable to remove the insert and give your eyes a break for a couple of hours. Once you get used to the medicine though, you can go about normal daily activities in spite of having the insert in your eye. Pregnant women or women nurturing new born babies should avoid this medication. If pregnant women or new mothers suffer from eye problems, it is safer to administer eye drops. Since the medicine is normally inserted into the eye, it is important to remember not to rub your eyes while it contains the medicine. Rubbing may dislodge the medicine or scratch your cornea.

Lacrisert Side Effects

It is common for any kind of eye medication to cause temporary reactions or side effects. Application of Lacrisert may lead to temporary eye discomfort, reddening, itchiness. If these symptoms last for a few hours then it isn’t something to worry about. However if the symptoms persist for more than a day then it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately. Sensitivity to light, watery or sticky eyelashes may occur. Most people who use this medicine do not suffer from serious side effects. However if you experience any pain, persistent redness, a burning sensation, any swelling or change in vision then it will require immediate medical attention. Sometimes, eye medication may cause discomfort to the throat and nose area. If you experience any swelling or uncontrollable itching in this area you should check with your doctor. You may need to get tests done immediately. Facial rash and itching is usually a common side effect in patients who just begin using the medicine. If the symptoms stay for more than a day though, it may require other forms of medication and treatment. All medicinal drugs lead to common side effects like nausea, dizziness, vomiting. If these affect you, be rest assured that it usually isn’t a sign of something serious. Sometimes, patients may experience unique side effects not listed above. When it comes to eye medication, any unusual change or reaction in the body should be observed. It the change lasts for few hours then it is a sign that the body is getting used to the medication. If the change persists then it could indicate that the body is not adjusting to it. In this case you may need medical advice. Doctors may choose to change the drug or administer or lower dose of the same one. Alternately, other forms of eye medication like eye drops may be considered.

Lacrisert Drug Interactions

Lacrisert interacts with:

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