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Imitrex STATdose and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Imitrex STATdose 6mg/0.5ml and/or Equivalents Imigran MK ll Injection Kit, Imigran Subject Treatment Pack, Imitrex STATdose Prefilled Syringe Cartridges, Sumatriptan Injection, Taro-Sumatriptan Injection

Imitrex STATdose

Imitrex STATdose Description

Sumatriptan or Imitrex STATdose refers to a headache curing medication which can narrow blood vessels running through the brain. This medication helps to minimise elements in your body which trigger migraine symptoms, sensitivity to sound and light, vomiting, nausea and pain associated with headaches.

Conditions Treated by Imitrex STATdose

Imitrex STATdose is used for treating cluster headaches and migraine headaches. It cannot minimise the number of headache attacks or prevent future headache occurrences. It is effective only against headaches which have started already. If your headache seems different from the familiar migraine attacks or results in paralysis of one side of your body, you should not use Imitrex STATdose. It is not meant for treating common tension headaches. If your physician confirms that you are indeed suffering from a migraine attack, only then can he prescribe Imitrex STATdose for you.

Imitrex STATdose Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Imitrex STATdose doesn’t follow your regular daily dosing schedule. It is taken when required depending on your response to treatment and medical condition. This medication is injected below your skin when your headache or migraine symptoms appear.

b.) Missing a Dose

If the symptoms you are suffering from do not improve after receiving Imitrex STATdose, you should immediately contact your physician. You have to wait for at least an hour after receiving an Imitrex STATdose injection and before you can take a second shot of injection. You cannot receive more than two Imitrex STATdose injections (12 milligrams) in a period of 24 hours.

c.) Overdosing

Overdosing on Sumatriptan may give rise to symptoms such as convulsions, seizures, lack of coordination, weakness, watery mouth, watery eyes, vision problems, blue coloured fingernails and lips, breathing difficulties, redness of skin, shaking and trembling. If you think you have overdosed on Sumatriptan, seek immediate medical intervention and call your provincial poison control helpline or rush the patient to the nearest ER.

Imitrex STATdose Warnings

Imitrex STATdose impairs cognitive abilities and conation. You are advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything which requires you to be alert while taking Sumatriptan. You should not use Imitrex STATdose within 24 hours after or before taking a medication for migraine headache. This includes Zomig, Maxalt, Amerge, Frova, Relpax, Axert, Sumatriptan nasal spray or tablets and ergot medicines such as Methergine, Migranal, DHE 45, Migergot, Cafergot and Ergomar. People who suffer from ischemic bowel disease, uncontrolled or severely high BP or hypertension or severe liver disease or headaches that are different from migraines or people who are genetically predisposed towards mini strokes, strokes, heart attacks, cardiac ailments; or people who suffer from blood circulation problems, chest pain or angina, coronary heart disease or shortage of blood supply to the heart should abstain from using Imitrex STATdose. Patients allergic to Sumatriptan should not use it either. In the past fortnight, if you have used a MAO inhibitor like Parnate, Zelapar, Emsam, Eldepryl, Azilect, Nardil, Marplan or Furoxone, you cannot use Imitrex STATdose. Consult your physician if you suffer from heart rhythm disorder, hypertension, seizure problems, epilepsy, kidney disease, liver disease or coronary heart ailments. If you are over 40, if you have undergone a hysterectomy, if you are genetically predisposed towards coronary artery diseases, and if you suffer from high cholesterol, obesity, menopause or diabetes or if you smoke, you should talk to your physician before taking this medication.

Imitrex STATdose Side Effects

Some of the less serious side effects of Imitrex STATdose include bruising or swelling or bleeding or redness or pain in the area where you were injected; mild tingling, redness and warmth of skin, muscle stiffness, neck pain, muscle pain, spinning sensation, dizziness, discomfort in the throat and nose, heavy feeling or pressure on certain parts of the body and a mild headache that is different from migraine headaches. If you see signs of allergic reactions such as swelling of throat, tongue, lips or face; difficulty in breathing or hives, seek immediate emergency medical assistance. Following are some serious side effects of Imitrex STATdose:

If you take an antidepressant along with Imitrex STATdose, you may experience the following symptoms:

If you experience any of the serious side effects described above, you should stop using Imitrex STATdose and contact your physician. You may experience side effects other than the ones mentioned above, so it is not a complete and comprehensive list.

Imitrex STATdose Drug Interactions

Imitrex STATdose interacts with 47 drugs and 148 generic and name brand medications. Known drug interactions include antidepressants:

Other known drug interactions are

Moderate drug interactions have been reported with the use of tizanidine, St John’s Wort and loxapine. This is not a complete list of all the drugs that may interact with Imitrex STATdose. Present your physician or pharmacist with a complete list of all the prescription and non prescription OTC drugs that you take including herbal health supplements, vitamins and herbal concoctions. Consult your physician before starting a new medication.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Imitrex STATdose and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information