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Estring Vaginal Ring and/or Equivalents

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Estring Vaginal Ring 2mg and/or Equivalents Estring, Estring Vaginal Ring

Estring Vaginal Ring

Estring Vaginal Ring Description

Estring or estradiol vaginal ring is a local estrogen therapy in the form of an opaque, flexible ring, off-white in color, with 2 mg of the estrogen hormone estradiol at its center. Apart from estradiol, the ring is formed from a combination of silicone polymers and barium sulfate. The ring is worn inside the vagina, placed inside the upper third of the vagina. As soon as it is inside the vagina it releases low dosed of the hormone estradiol into the vagina consistently for 90 days. The tissue of the vagina and the urinary tract will be restored to a healthier condition and you will feel the full relief from symptoms about 2 to 3 weeks after you begin estring therapy. However if the symptoms persist even after a few weeks of using estring you should inform your doctor. After 90 days estring should be removed and replaced with a new one if continuation of therapy is indicated.

Conditions Treated by Estring Vaginal Ring

Estring is basically a female hormone estrogen supplement and is prescribed for women who have gone through or are going through menopause - who do not produce sufficient amount of the hormone in their body. This treatment is effective in reducing vaginal symptoms of menopause, like burning, dryness, itching and problems in urination like frequent urges to urinate, pain while passing urine and the like. You should be in regular conversation with your healthcare provider to determine whether you still need this treatment or not.

How to Use Estring

Carefully read all the instructions on the product package before you start using Estring. You can take the help of your healthcare provider or insert estring yourself. If you chose to do it on your own, select the position most comfortable to you – squatting, or standing with one leg up or lying down.

After washing your hands dry then completely before removing estring from its pouch because the ring becomes slippery when wet. Hold the ring between your thumb and index finger and press both sides of the ring. Then gently push it down your vagina as far back as you can. If placed properly, you should not feel anything and sexual intercourse should not be uncomfortable. The ring should stay in place for 90 days. If it moves into the lower part of the vagina, push it back into its proper place with your finger. If estring falls out of your body just wash it with lukewarm water and insert again.

When the time for removing the ring comes, hook your finger through it and pull it out gently. The used ring should be discarded in the trash bin and not flushed down the toilet. Contact your healthcare provider if you have any difficulty in removing the ring.

Estring Dosage Information

a.) Overdose

Symptoms of overdose may include excessive nausea, or vomiting and vaginal bleeding. If overdose is suspected, medical professionals should be contacted immediately.

b.) Missed dose

Not applicable. However, if you have not inserted a new ring after the 90-day period, you should establish a new schedule for wearing the ring only after talking with your doctor.

Estring Warnings

Estrogen therapy after menopause, when prolonged, has been known to cause cancer of the uterus. If you notice any vaginal bleeding you must report it immediately to your physician.

Studies based in women of age 65 years and older have revealed that using estrogen may increase chances of dementia. Moreover, use of estrogens with or without progestins can increase chances of heart disorders like heart attack, strokes, occurrence of blood clots and also breast cancer and cancer of the ovaries. These risks appear to be linked with the dosage and the amount of time estring is used. Hence, try to use this therapy for the shortest possible length if time and in the lowest possible dose. If treatment is needed for extended period, you should undergo regular medical check-ups. Talk to your doctor about more information on the risks involved.

While using Estring keep in regular touch with your healthcare provider and discuss whether or not you need to continue with estrogen therapy.

Estring should not be used if in the recent years you have suffered from heart attacks, liver ailments, blood clot formation, or any kind of cancer. Inform your doctor about your medical history and family history of lumps, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, congestive heart failure, seizures, depression, migraine headaches, liver disease, kidney disorders, thyroid hormone problems, uterine disorders, yellowing of skin during pregnancy, high blood pressure during pregnancy, gall bladder disorders, abnormal levels of cholesterol or lipids, excessive weight gain, vaginal disorders like prolapsys, recurrent infectionsand stenosis. Also inform your doctor if you think you might be pregnant or are breast-feeding when Estring is prescribed to you.

Notify your doctor if you are going to undergo any surgery or are going to be bed ridden or confined to a chair for a long time period like n a long plane journey. Special precautions may be needed to be adopted because this drug makes you dizzy.

Do not engage in any activity that needs mental alertness, like driving, until you are sure you are not affected by any side effects of the drug and can perform such activities safely. Limit consumption of alcohol. Cigarette smoking is known to enhance chances of blood clotting while using estrogen medication.

Estrogen can cause patchy dark spots on skin that may increase when exposed to the sun. Avoid long sun exposers while using estring.

Estring Side Effects

Allergic reactions to Estring are rare. Common side effects include:

Persistence of such side effects should be notified to your doctor. Unlikely side effects that must be promptly reported include:

Seek immediate medical help if you notice:

Drug Interactions with Estring:

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Estring Vaginal Ring and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information