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Edecrin and/or Equivalents

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Edecrin 25mg and/or Equivalents Edecrin


Edecrin Drug Description

Edecrin is the brand name for the generic water pill Ethacrynic acid which helps with fluid retention problems. Certain medical conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease or congestive heart failure can cause swelling and edema. Edecrin is a unique loop diuretic intended for treating edema when regular diuretics fail to deliver results. It is the only loop diuretic that doesn’t contain sulfonamide and is therefore well tolerated by patients allergic to sulfonamide diuretics. Edecrin functions by activating the kidneys that maximise urine flow. This is a prescription drug available in tablet form.

Conditions Treated by Edecrin

Edecrin tablet is usually prescribed for the short term management of paediatric patients who have been hospitalised with nephrotic syndrome or congenital heart ailment, but is not intended for infants. Edecrin is also effective for managing ascites caused by lymphedema, idiopathic edema or malignancy, on a short term basis. Edecrin may be prescribed for treating edema caused by nephrotic syndrome, renal diseases, liver cirrhosis and congestive heart failure. Ethacrynate Sodium or sodium Edecrin is administered intravenously when the patient requires a rapid flow of diuresis in cases of impaired GI absorption, acute pulmonary edema or when oral medications cannot be administered.

Edecrin Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Adults should take 50 mg of Edecrin once each day. Children aged between two years and 18 years should start off with 25 mg of Edecrin, to be taken once daily. In both cases, your physician may need to adjust your dosage depending on the response to the medicine. In case of kids below two years of age, let your physician determine the dosage and usage.

b.) Missing a Dose

If you forget to take a dose of Edecrin, you should consume it whenever you remember. But if it is already time for your next dose, you should take the next dose at the usual time and throw out the missed dose. Do not take double doses or extra doses all at once to compensate for missed doses.

c.) Overdosing

Symptoms of overdosing may include wrinkled skin, heaviness and weakness in the legs, trembling, thirst, sunken eyes, rapid breathing, muscle pain or muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, increased heart rate, minimised urination, confusion, lightheadedness, fainting, dizziness, weakness or pain or tingling or numbness in the limbs. If any of the symptoms turn severe, you should rush the patient to the nearest ER or contact your local emergency helpline or your poison control helpline.

Edecrin Warnings

This is a pregnancy category B drug that is not harmful to an unborn foetus or an infant relying on breast milk. But still you should inform your physician if you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant or are breast feeding. Use Edecrin with caution or not at all if you suffer from any of the following medical conditions and definitely inform your physician about these problems:

Do not use Edecrin if you are suffering from severe watery diarrhea or vomiting or nausea. You should check with your physician if you experience muscle cramps, increased thirst or a dry mouth. Do not take Edecrin if you are allergic to any ingredient inside this medicine, though this medicine is well suited for majority of the patients. Your physician will monitor your progress periodically to find out if the drug is indeed working effectively. He may also order blood tests at regular intervals to rule out the possibilities of unwanted effects. You also need to check and record your weight daily. Because you can possibly lose lots of potassium from your blood stream than is normally acceptable, your potassium levels may also be monitored regularly. Another side effect to watch out for is alteration in your blood sugar level. Again the doctor will order urine sugar tests or blood sugar tests and he may alter the dosage if there are vast changes in the results. If you suffer from gout or blood clot problems in the legs and lungs, inform your physician before taking Edecrin. Edecrin rarely causes nasty and severe side effects, but if you experience vision changes, slurred speech, weakness or paralysis in only one side of the body or chest pain, you should immediately seek urgent medical intervention.

Edecrin Side Effects

Edecrin may have some side effects, but they are pretty rare:

Edecrin Drug Interactions

Following are some known drug interactions with Edecrin. If you still have to take both the medications together, your physician may alter the dosage of one drug or both of them or their frequency.

This is not a complete list of all the drugs that can interact with Edecrin and cause side effects. Edecrin may possibly interact with many more drugs not mentioned in this list. To be safe, you should provide your pharmacist or physician with a complete list of all the prescription and non-prescription, over the counter drugs and medications that you currently take. This list should include all multi mineral and multivitamin capsules and tablets, herbal pills and supplements, health potions and concoctions, antacids, weight loss drugs and any other health product that you use.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Edecrin and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information