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Dovonex Ointment and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Dovonex Ointment 0.005% and/or Equivalents Daivonex Ointment, Dovonex Ointment
Dovonex Ointment 0.01% and/or Equivalents Dovonex Ointment

Dovonex Ointment (Calcipotriene)

Dovonex Drug Description

Dovonex is the name of a cream/ointment that is prescribed for patients with psoriasis. It contains the active ingredient calcipotriol. Other trade names of the medicine are Daivonex. This ointment is producted by Leo Pharmaceuticals. Dovonex is a prescription medicine that has a very specific usage. It is meant for topical application and hence must be used only for the purpose it is meant and not as a general cream or ointment. Even patients with psoriasis, must first consult a dermatological expert before using this medication. The usage of this medicine was made by chance when a patient being treated for osteoporosis with Vitamin D who also had psoriasis found that his psoriasis condition was improved due to the Vitamin. This was a research study conducted in 1985 and since then it is being prescribed widely for psoriasis patients.

Conditions Treated by Dovonex

Dovonex is available as a cream or ointment and used mainly in psoriasis to alleviate the symptoms. Note that it does not cure the disease but helps to mitigate the symptoms that patients experience. Dovonex is a derived medicine from the Vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy skin. This drug works at the cell level, specifically with the T helper cells, which are known to have a vital role in psoriasis. In simple terms it controls the formation of skin cells that usually prevents the thickening of skin followed by scaling which is a common feature of psoriasis. Dovonex needs to be applied in the correct manner and for a sufficiently long period for the results to be visible. Usually the results start to show almost two weeks after the ointment has been started. Although meant for application purposes, patients must follow the instructions given by their physician as well as those mentioned in the pack.

Dovonex Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Dovonex cream or ointment is to be applied topically, meaning that it needs to apply on the specific skin surface where psoriasis produces thickened and flaky skin. Normally the cream should be applied twice a day to the whole body or wherever applicable, except on the face. The cream would take anything between 2 weeks to 12 weeks for patients to experience and see a difference in their condition. This timeline is dependent on a host of factors such as the severity of the skin condition, the duration for which the patient has had it etc. Dovonex is generally prescribed to adults as well as children. However children below 6 years of age are not advised this medication.

b.) Missing A Dose

In most dermatological conditions, consistency of medication or treatment is the most important factor for improvement. Likewise for a chronic condition like psoriasis also, Dovonex must be applied regularly and in the manner prescribed. Missing a dose will not cause any adverse reaction but it could lead to a flaring up of psoriasis conditions if too many doses are missed.

c.) Overdosing

Being a cream or ointment for topical application, Dovonex does not really have the issue of overdosing. However in some people there can be an allergic reaction such as a rash or worsening of their psoriasis symptoms if Dovonex does not suit them. Patients must be careful that the cream does not enter their eyes, nose or ears as it can have an adverse reaction. In case this happens, the patient should receive immediate help from a poison control medical expert.

Dovonex Warnings

Dovonex is a prescription cream only. So it should be used only for alleviating psoriasis or a similar condition as advised by a dermatological expert. It should never be applied on the face as getting the cream in the eyes, ear or nose can be dangerous. Even patients of psoriasis must not use Dovonex for general application, but rather on the affected areas of the skin only. Patients must lay a lot of emphasis on personal hygiene, especially while applying the cream. It is necessary to wash one’s hands thoroughly with soap and water, before and after usage of the cream. Patients must secure the cap of the Dovonex tube properly after usage and store the cream in a cool, dark place. It should not be kept in an easily accessible place otherwise children or pets might accidentally open the tube. Dovonex contains Vitamin D and another good source of the vitamin is sunlight. Hence when using Dovonex, patients must avoid extreme exposure to the sun as the skin tends to become more sensitive to UV rays. The impact of Dovonex during pregnancy or in lactating mothers is not known hence consulting an expert is the best option. Patients who have a history of liver or kidney related disorders are generally advised against using Dovonex cream. Likewise patients with calcium metabolism related problems might have to seek alternatives to the medication or use supplementary medications.

Dovonex Side Effects

Dovonex, like other prescription medicines might have some side effects. The following list includes some of the side effects experienced by patients. However this not an exhaustive list and patients could face other symptoms also. The severity of side effects might also vary across patients. At the same time, it is equally possible that patients might not experience any side effects at all.

Minor/common side effects of Dovonex:

A minor skin irritation is the most likely side effect of the medication, particularly on the area where applied. More than 1 patients for every ten are likely to experience this irritation. The more uncommon side effects include a reverse reaction or worsening of psoriasis and eczema. The most rare side effects are an unusual rise of calcium in the body or major allergic reactions to the drug. Other researched side effects are photosensitivity of the skin, pigmentation related changes, hives and swelling of the face.

Possible Drug Interactions With Dovonex

Dovonex or calcipotriol is not known to have any major drug related interaction with other medications. All the same patients must inform their doctor of any medications they might be using at the time of prescription.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Dovonex Ointment and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information