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Chantix and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Chantix 0.5mg and/or Equivalents Champix
Chantix 1mg and/or Equivalents Champix, Champix ,, Champix 4 weeks Continuation Pack


Chantix Description

Chantix tablets primarily consist of Varenicline. Varenicline is an off white-yellowish powder which is soluble in water and liquids. This oral medicinal drug is usually available in two sizes, 0.5 mg and 1 mg. The tablet is coated with a light blue film. Other inactive ingredients include microcrystalline cellulose, calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, sodium and magnesium stearate.


Conditions Treated by the Chantix

Chantix is an oral medication used to treat smokers who are trying to quit the habit. It is a non-nicotine pill which helps people to curb the need to smoke. The pill is commonly prescribed and meant for patients above 18 years of age. The pill is highly effective because it works by interrupting the nicotine receptors of the brain. This helps block the nicotine from reaching them. Constant use of the pill also results in reduced release of dopamine, eventually curbing the urge to smoke.

Chantix Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

Doctors usually recommend Chantix a week before a patient stops smoking. The reason behind this is to allow the medication adequate time to react in the body. Under normal conditions, Chantix is usually prescribed for 12 weeks. The medicine is supposed to be had after a consuming a full meal and never on an empty stomach. The normal recommended dose is 0.5 mg, once a day. After the eighth day of treatment doctors may increase the dosage to 1 mg twice a day.

b.) Missing a dose

When you miss a dose you may experience some physical discomfort like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or even the urge to smoke. If you realize that you have missed a dose a few hours after the due dose then it is okay to take a replacement tablet. However, if it has already been 10 hours since the last tablet then it is better to consult your doctor before taking a replacement medicine. Do not take two tablets at the same time without consulting with your doctor.

c.) Overdosing

If you overdose on Chantix you may require immediate medical attention. An overdose may result in extreme and uncontrolled vomiting, severe stomach pain, body ache, confusion, drowsiness, dizziness etc.

Chantix Warnings

If you are prone to allergies or have sensitive skin then Chantix is not recommended. Use of Chantix can result in further allergies and severe skin reactions which may turn out to be fatal. Certain ingredients in the medicine may react negatively to Chantix. It is always advisable to undergo an allergy test before starting the course. Avoid use of Chantix if you suffer from any kidney or liver problems. Some doctors may choose to prescribe lower dosages of Chantix to patients suffering from kidney problems. If you are on any other medication for other health problems, always inform your doctor before taking Chantix. Chantix should not be had with other anti-tobacco or anti-smoking products. This may also lead to an overdose because the ingredients in all anti-tobacco products are similar. Avoid Chantix if you are taking any medication for asthma or migraine. Diabetic patients should inform their doctor before taking Chantix because it might react with their insulin intake. Pregnant women or mothers of new born babies should not take any kind of anti-tobacco medication because it may mix in the blood stream eventually affecting the foetus or new born baby. It is possible to slip up and smoke while you are on Chantix. However, it is normally considered safe to smoke a little while on Chantix between the first and seventh day of treatment. On and after the eighth day you must avoid smoking completely. Patients who are severely addicted to smoking have to be under strict observation while on the medication. Patients who have suffered from heart attacks in the past should avoid Chantix or be administered extremely low dosages of the medicine. Patients who have previously been treated for depression should not be administered Chantix, especially if they are still on anti-depressant medication. Avoid alcoholic drinks while on the medication because it may result in weakness.

Chantix Side Effects

Chantix may cause severe life threatening skin reactions in the body. These include serious rashes, blistering, swelling, redness or even peeling of the skin. Some patients may experience swelling of the throat, mouth and face which can ultimately result in breathing and eating problems. The above symptoms may lead to severe health problems. As soon as you observe any of the above symptoms after taking Chantix, you must immediately stop the medication and contact your doctor for medical advice. Some common and routine side effects of Chantix include nausea, sleeping disorders, constipation, appetite problems, vomiting or gas. These side effects are usually not cause for concern. However if they disrupt your normal routine or get aggravated with time, it is always safer to seek medical help. While using Chantix you may experience withdrawal symptoms and dizziness or drowsiness. It is therefore better to avoid physical activities like driving, walking, running, operating machinery etc when you are alone. Patients severely addicted to smoking may suffer from extreme mood swings, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, agitated temperaments etc. If a patient suffers from these symptoms, Chantix is usually discontinued for a few days. Sometimes you may experience a tingling or burning sensation in the toes, hands, feet. These are usually normal side effects of Chantix.Other side effects may include changes in taste, pain in the joints or legs while walking, confusion, slurred speech, problems with vision, body ache etc. If these symptoms turn severe after a couple of days it is better to seek immediate medical help. Chantix is commonly used to treat patients who are trying to quit smoking. The drug is not known to cause severe side effects. It is usually considered safe. However, sometimes side effects are unique to certain patients. If you suffer from any physical discomfort other than the ones listed above, it is always better to seek medical attention to be on the safe side.

Chantix Drug Interactions

Chantix interacts with Bupropion, Theophylline, Warfarin and Insulin.

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Chantix and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information