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Astelin and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Astelin 137mcg/ds and/or Equivalents Azelastine Nasal Spray, Azep Nasal Spray, Rhinolast Nasal Spray


Astelin Drug Description

Astelin is the brand name of a nasal spray that belongs to the class of medicines known as antihistamines. It is prescribed to provide symptomatic relief against seasonal allergies and other irritants present in the immediate environment. Allergy occurs due to a hypersensitivity disorder in the immune system because of which the body overreacts to harmless substances that are normally present in the surroundings. The substance that triggers off such a reaction is known as an allergen. There can be infinite sources of allergen ranging from dust, pollen grains, food, insect bite to pet’s furs and plant resins. In fact, it is difficult to predict and limit allergens as a particular substance that is safe for everybody can unexpectedly trigger off an allergic reaction in a particular person. Astelin is used to provide relief to nasal symptoms of allergy. The prime ingredient in Astelin is azelastine hydrochloride which is present as a 0.1% aqueous solution with pH 6.8. It also contains edetate disodium, dibasic sodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride (125 mcg/mL), citric acid, hypromellose, sodium chloride and sterile water as the inactive ingredients. Astelin is presented in an HDPE bottle with its own metered spray pump mechanism. Each measured spray provides 137 mcg of azelastine hydrochloride and each bottle delivers two hundred such sprays. This FDA approved drug is presented by Meda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Conditions Treated by Astelin

Astelin is recommended to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) like sneezing, runny nose (rhinorrhea) and nasal itching (pruritis). It is also used to treat the symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis (non-allergic rhinitis) like nasal congestion, nasal drips and inflammation of the nose (rhinitis) in both adults and children above twelve years. The active ingredient in Astelin works by blocking histamines, which are naturally occurring substances in our body and responsible for the typical symptoms of allergy.

Astelin Dosage Information

a.) Typical dosage recommendations

The usual recommended dosage of Astelin in case of allergic rhinitis is one or two sprays to be applied in each nostril two times per day. In case of children below twelve years (but not below five years), the typical dosage is one spray per nostril two times a day. In case of vasomotor rhinitis in adults and children above twelve years, Astelin should be sprayed twice in each nostril two times in a day.

b.) Missing a dose

In case you have missed a particular dose of Astelin, spray the medicine whenever you remember. However, skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next dose and follow your normal dosage schedule. Never spray more quantities of the medicine in order to make up for a missed spray.

c.) Overdosing

Astelin nasal spray is extremely safe and there are little chances of any severe adverse reactions of overdosing. You may feel extremely drowsy in case you have sprayed too much of the medicine. Talk to your physician or visit the nearest poison control centre for supportive therapy in case of overdosing.

Astelin Warnings

Before using Astelin, you must be absolutely clear about its risks and benefits, correct way of using the container and other do’s and don’ts. Your physician should know everything about your past and present medical condition, other medications you may be using currently or if you are allergic to any particular medical formulation. Astelin will be contraindicated for you in case you are allergic to the prime ingredient, azelastine hydrochloride, or any of the inactive ingredients present in the medicine. Astelin can make you feel drowsy. It is therefore advisable to avoid driving, consuming alcohol, taking CNS depressants or doing any work that requires mental alertness immediately after you have used the medicine. Use Astelin exactly as prescribed by your physician. In case you feel any discomfort, talk to him/her for remedial measures. Do not discontinue usage or alter doses without medical consultation. Always store the bottle of Astelin in an upright position. Whenever a new bottle of Astelin is to be used, the spray pump mechanism must be readied by spraying four times till a fine mist is visible as the spray. If the bottle is kept unused for more than three days, it should be reprimed by spraying twice till the fine mist appears. Firm and rapid pumping is essential in order to produce a fine mist of the medicine. Otherwise, the medicine may flow out in the liquid condition which will not be effective in treating your condition. Do not use another antihistamine concurrently with Astelin without consulting your physician. Before commencing your treatment with Astelin, tell your physician if you are pregnant, plan to conceive or nursing a baby. S/he may then consider prescribing the medicine only if the benefits to your health outweigh the risks. Always keep Astelin spray in a cool and dark place away from the reach of children. Do not share the medicine with anybody else without physician’s prescription. Astelin paediatric dose is suitable only for children above five years of age. It should not be given to children below five years. In case of geriatric patients, the medicine should be used with caution considering cardiac, hepatic and renal conditions. Astelin should be sprayed carefully so that the medicine does not enter your eyes or mouth. Always keep your head tilted downwards while applying the spray in your nostrils and breathe in slowly so that the medicine does not enter your throat. Do not blow your nose or sneeze immediately after spraying the medicine.

Astelin Side Effects

Usual side effects of Astelin may include headache, bitter taste, inflammation or burning sensation in the nostrils, nosebleed, nausea and drowsiness. Some patients may also experience allergic reactions like rashes, hives and swelling of the mouth and throat. Contact your physician immediately if you experience any serious adverse reaction like shortness of breath or erratic heartbeat.

Astelin Drug Interactions

It is common for medicines to interact with each other and your physician must know about any other prescription drugs you are using presently in order to decide the safety of Astelin for you. In particular, you must mention if you are using other medications that make you drowsy like sleeping pills, narcotics, muscle relaxants or medicines for anxiety or depression. Other than this, you must also mention if you take any non-prescription formulations like herbal preparations, vitamins and dietary supplements or if you are addicted to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol or street drugs.

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Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

Astelin and/or Equivalents warnings, side-effects and general information