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Actos and/or Equivalents

Drug Related Drug Names
Actos 15mg and/or Equivalents Actos, Mylan-Pioglitazone, Pioglitazone, Vexazone
Actos 30mg and/or Equivalents Actos, Mylan-Pioglitazone, Pioglitazone, Teva-Pioglitazone, Vexazone
Actos 45mg and/or Equivalents Actos, Pioglitazone, Vexazone

Actos (pioglitazone)

Actos Description

The medicine Pioglitazone Hydrochloride is sold with the trade name Actos. It is an oral prescription medicine for diabetes therefore it cannot be obtained over the counter without a valid prescription. This is one of the largest selling medicines in the United States; in fact a 2008 estimate states that in the US market alone, the sales of Actos were more than a staggering $2.4 billion. Actos is also quite popular in the international market and is sold as ‘Glustin’ in the European markets and in Mexico it is sold as ‘Zactos’. India is also a huge market for this drug since it has one of the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world. Zydus CND sells the drug in India with the name ‘Glizone’ along with the company USV which uses the trade name ‘Pioz’. The drug was originally created by the Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceuticals and it received the approval from the Food and Drug Administration of USA in July 1999.

Conditions Treated by Actos

Actos is used in diabetic patients as an antidiabetic to be consumed orally. It prevents the formation of insulin resistance and thus helps to manage type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also known as NIDDM or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus that occurs primarily in adults. Actos works by making the patient’s muscles more sensitive to insulin and allows down hepatic gluconeogenesis. Thus Actos helps to improve the control over blood glucose levels and reduces the circulation of insulin levels. This in turn ensures that the kidneys function normally and there are no nerve related problems or those related to sexuality. Diabetic patients are also at a risk of loss of limbs due to nerve problems. Controlling blood sugar helps to prevent these in addition to lowering the chances of a stroke or heart attack.

Actos Dosage Information

a.) Typical Dosage Recommendations

Actos is meant for oral consumption and is sold as a tablet of varying potencies. It is available in 15mg, 30mg and the highest dose being 45mg. Each of these is indicative of the quantity of pioglitazone in them, in addition to other chemical components. Based on each patient’s requirement, this might be prescribed as a monotherapy where only one drug is prescribed or a combination therapy having several drugs and treatments. In any case the effectiveness of Actos also relies on the lifestyle of the patient. Hence he or she must ensure a balanced and nutritious diet, with timely meals and moderate, regular exercise. Actos is recommended for oral consumption, usually once on a daily basis. The dose might vary, however based on individual patient requirements.

b.) Missing A Dose

It is not uncommon to miss a medicine dose, especially if it is new for the patient or there are any side effects. Actos is meant for daily consumption and ideally should be taken at a similar time so that the chances of forgetting are lower. The drug schedule needs to be adhered to as the medication takes anything between 2 to 3 months to start showing effective results. The patient may take a missed dose as soon as remembered and as long as it is not too close to the next dose but no changes in the dosage must be done.

c.) Overdosing

For any prescription drug such as Actos, the dosage should not be varied. The dosage is not a random advice but carefully prepared after a detailed case history and investigations. This is also because overdosing could lead to unwanted complications. In case of Actos, an overdosage can be detected by any unusual reactions, although in the lab studies this has not come up as a strong finding.

Actos Warnings

Actos is specifically targeted for type 2 diabetes therefore patients with type 1 diabetes must not take the medication. Also patients who suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis must not be prescribed Actos. Patients with a medical history of heart disease or stroke as well as liver disease must not take Actos as there is a risk of an adverse reaction. Women who have crossed Menopause and take Actos might experience hormonal changes leading to the re-commencement of menstruation. Hence they might require an appropriate birth control mechanism. Likewise female patients are also at a greater risk of fractures in the limbs when taking Actos. All patiens who are on a dose of Actos are at some level of risk to heart disease because of the drug, hence they must ensure a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is a lifelong disease and sufferers therefore need to be aware of the signs of a hypoglycemia as this can be dangerous. These include drowsiness, sweating, weakness, feeling disoriented, hungry, experiencing headaches and rapid heartbeats. In severe case it might also lead to coma and death.Actos Side Effects

Actos is a highly effective medicine and is not known to produce major side effects. Generally patients get easily adapted to this drug. However there are some possible side effects of Actos such as cold like symptoms involving a runny nose, headache and drowsiness. There could also be a water retention or swelling, particularly of the limbs. In some cases there could be dental complaints and muscle aches as well. While these side effects are relatively minor there are some effects that are of a more serious nature and require detailed medical attention. These are as follows:

Possible Drug Interactions With Actos

In diabetes the blood sugar level needs to be maintained at a healthy level at all times. Any fluctuations in this can be dangerous for the patient. therefore patients who are taking Actos need to be aware that the medication interacts with other drugs that affect the blood glucose level. These include both those drugs that increase as well as decrease the blood sugar level. Some examples of the former are steroids, diuretics, birth control level, pills against common cold and allergies, medications for thyroid regulation and phenothiazines. Drugs that cause the blood sugar to drop are sulfa drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), aspirin, probenecid and beta blockers.

  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs):
  • Seizure Medication:

    This is not a complete list of all medications that may interact with Actos. Please notify all of your health care providers about the prescription and over-the-counter medications you currently take. This should include a complete list of all vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and drugs prescribed by other doctors. Do not start a treatment of a new medicine without properly notifying your primary health care professional or doctor.

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    Notice: The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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