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Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. You know it. You've probably tried to quit once already. Or twice. Or 5 times. Or maybe even 20 times?

We can't promise that it won't be hard this time, but what we can do is make it a little easier to commit to a quit smoking plan in 2013 by saving you money on Nicorette gum and other leading Nicorette products.

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Try the Nicorette Inhaler for a quick and effective nicotine replacement option that also keeps your hands busy to overcome the behavioral addiction some face when trying to kick the habit.

The Nicorette Lozenge is a more discreet version of the gum that allows you fight your nicotine urges at any time without anyone knowing.

The classic Nicorette Patch is an easy-to-use once-a-day solution to those looking to quit.

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